• Kerri receives support through the UW WARF Microbiome Accelerator Challenge

    The lab has received funding through the UW WARF Accelerator program to support another field season studying microbiome diversity and mosquito dynamics in catch basins in the Chicago, IL area. This work is being conducted …

  • Congratulations to Aldo and Andrew!

    Aldo Arellano has been awarded an NSF Graduate Research Fellowship for his work on Wyeomyia–Sarracenia-microbe interactions, while Andrew Sommer received an Honorable Mention for his work on fly-microbe interactions. Congratulations, Aldo and Andrew!

  • Welcome to our newest undergraduate researchers

    Mike LeClaire, Daisy Chew, Journey Prack, and Jake DeWitte will be completing undergraduate research projects under the direction of Andrew Sommer, Aldo Arellano, and Holly Nichols. Welcome!

  • Welcome to Holly Nichols

    We are thrilled to welcome Holly Nichols to the lab! Holly is pursuing her Ph.D. through the Microbiology Doctoral Training Program here at UW-Madison. Holly will be working collaboratively as part of a recently funded …

  • Welcome to Sebastián Díaz

    We are thrilled to welcome Sebastián Díaz as a Visiting Scholar to the lab! Sebastián is currently a Ph.D. student in Frank Avila’s lab at the Universidad de Antioquia in Medellín, Colombia. With support from …

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